Atlas, incorporated in the year 1992, has been engaged in the manufacture of equipment for outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, mountaineering or any other exploration work. Everyone who works with us is an outdoors person usually traced along one of the nature trails during breaks and holidays.

Products we manufacture include backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, camera bags, traveling/luggage bags, trekking mattresses and other related products for adventure and exploration. Many a time buyers come to us with weird design for bags. Someone once wanted a bag for his entire team of seven! We made it for him and he excitedly took the bag. In the usual chaos of work, we missed seeing how he packed everyone inside the bag.

Our process of gear manufacturing is based on the observation of mountain gear of different makes, their designs, material quality and how they fare in actual field conditions. We have huge collections of gears from all over the world sliced-up, measured, dissected and mauled on our work tables to study, “xerox”, improve upon in design and adapt to our situations. The North Face (those initially made in the US) and Macpac (a New Zealand grown) particularly caught our attention for their meticulous craftsmanship and strength. To this day we still have them as our icons to emulate. School children complained that our school bags last too long and their parents wouldn’t buy them new bags! We felt their honest sentiments and we have since stopped making school bags.

Kumar, a keen trekker and our Production Foreman says “everything we make should be rugged enough to last till the great grand children of the buyers”. And this has remained our principle ever since.

Although all our products carry Lifelong Free Service Guarantee, customers often come to us with “it is tiring to use the same thing for years together” and they “just need a change”.