The Snoozer sleeping bag is rated to withstand the cold at 18000′. Unlike other bags that are either too warm, too cold, too bulky, too tight or just too unpractical, the Snoozer is just right and roomy at 90″L, 36″ at shoulders and packs away neatly in its own compression-storage bag. Full length zipper on the side provides for easy access in any emergency such as during an avalanche. With the synthetic fill that is easily washable and dried, it doesn’t smell of chicken sh… that users often complain of in down-filled bags!


Goechala Backpacks

The Goechala is a top-loading internal-frame backpack, with contoured shoulder straps, zippered side pockets and waist-belt. The internal flat frame can be easily slipped out and the pack can be rolled away for storage when not in use. Roomy top lid pocket provides easy access to compass, maps, knives, rain gear and other small essentials. Extension collar with drawstring provides additional capacity. Designed to push weight to the center of gravity for better balance, the pack provides unlimited comfort and stability.

Constructed with heavy duty polyester Cordura, the pack can withstand years of abuse in any terrain.

Check for color choices by emailing us.

Goechala Backpack
Size: 32″L 16″B 9″Deep


The Dong-KhyaLa is a panel loading single compartment with internal frame, this can be used both as a suitcase as also a backpack. When needed as a suitcase the backpacking-suspension system is concealed inside a full opening zippered cover. To backpack it, the cover is opened out and folded away inside a pocket in-built at the bottom. Internal straps hold contents securely from playing around. The system includes contoured shoulder straps, padded hip belt, sternum strap, compression strap all with heavy duty buckles. Pack it on your back or sling it in your hand in style. Looking like it is made for a Milan fashion show event, don’t take its stylish looks for granted. Built like a war tank, it is perfect for crossing the Dongkhyala or checking-in at the Taj.

Dong-KhyaLa Backpack
24″L x 14″B x 9″ Depth.

Thankarla Backpack

The Thankarla is a handy and functional pack that can store all your necessary items including laptop for which a separate cushioned recess is inbuilt inside. Carry it with you on your day trips wherever you go. Selected and tested material used to make this pack withstand years of rough handling and tougher journeys.

The pack features a zippered main compartment inside which the laptop recess is also built in. The front pocket has vertical zip closure. Like every other Atlas products only #10 heavy duty zipper used on this pack.

Thankarla Backpack
Size: 18″H x 14″W x 4″ Depth.


Whether you are at a high powered negotiating table or combing the street to isolate a “kill” the Hunter will help make your move. At 20″L x 14″ B x 7″ Deep it is designed to contain all your “tools” for 4-5 days trip. The front spacious pocket has an organizer inside to hold cash, pens, passports, cell phones, knives and other items for the mission. Outer pocket is wide enough to pack in maps, note books etc. Built for high action, it can be carried in hand or slung on the shoulder or pack on the back for the run. When hand-carrying in style, the shoulder straps and the sling handle can be concealed away in its own built-in pockets. Made of high wearing abrasion resistant polyester hard working

20″L x 14″ B x 7″ Deep


If on a long-haul journey to the end of the world, this Migrant bag can carry everything one needs and more. The wrapped-around shoulder straps and separate built-in compression straps hold content safely inside. If carrying more than one’s need, handles on the sides facilitate weight-lifting by two or more persons. Alternatively, if not embarrassed for not being able to carry one’s own bag, drag the filled bag on the road – the double layered base can  withstand that too. Take care not to knock down people on the sides though.

At 30″L x 15″Ht x 10″B the Migrant is definitely a push-out-other-bags and too big for neighbors to borrow.

Migrant Bag
30″L x 15″Ht x 10″B

A Migrant of same size but with double layered fabric all around to withstand further misuse and abuse for years-together costs



The Ranger is an “A” type 2-men tent with the most basic design resulting in a dependable easy-to-setup-windup feature. Ultra high strength detachable tubular aluminum frame, waterproof nylon outer flysheet for protection even in the foulest of weather,full-front zippered door with inner netted-door for insect proofing and easy air passage, lockable zippers on both inner and outer door, water-tight bucket type flooring all combine into a neat package that is easy to carry onto a backpack. Pegs and storage carry-bag included.

Ranger Tent
L-90 B-60 H-60

Canopy (Jhayab)

Jhayab  as is locally called is a Canopy made of waterproof nylon/polyester fabric cover with traditional design bands stitched onto the fabric .It can be used for meetings, weddings, or any gathering during festivals. They can be made to any size to suit any location from large stadiums to small terrace on a building for family picnics. A typical backyard or a building terrace Jhayab for family or private party measuring 15’x30′ cost up to Rs.35000.00

Kitchen/Dining Tent

Waterproof nylon cover for protection against rain, full length zippered-front and back doors for easy traffic and air passage, frame of heavy duty detachable tubular aluminium, cook or dine or do both in style anytime anywhere. Netted windows on both sides with covers can be rolled up or down as needed.

Waterproof Nylon Cover
120”L x 96”Bx 96″Ht

Dokpa Tent

In the trans-himalaya part of Sikkim, the yak herders, Dokpa as they are called, use handmade tents ( pic on the right) made of yak hair. One set of tent could weigh about 3 yak-loads (300 kg app.) They are spacious with about 15′ x 15′ and about 10’ high in the center – very warm inside and known to last for over 100 years. Looking upward from inside they look loosely woven and yet not a drop of water leaks in! At Atlas , we cannot make these tents !!

Bathroom/Toilet Tent

Nylon cover with detachable aluminium frame. Can be used as a bathroom or toilet. Light enough to strap onto the side of your backpack.

Nylon Cover


Mattress just right to stretch out on and relax under the mountain sky or anywhere on earth.. 78″L x 24″ B x 1/2″ thick full covered with synthetic lining on the ground side and cotton on the sleep side. Built in pocket to hold the pillow from sliding off while asleep.

78″L x 24″ B x 1/2″

Money Secure

Stories of getting pockets picked are on the rise. Those guys are enjoying themselves at your cost?

The Money Secure wears around your waist like a second skin while on the move.It can hold 2 wads of thousand rupee notes (that’s Rs.200,000/-) and go around with you anywhere on earth. Put a lock on the zipper for added security. Do not lose the key so you will not have to pick pockets yourself.

Money Secure


Built rugged to keep valuables safe and easily accessible, the picture (on the right) of the Organisor says it all.

Size: Opened 11″x 11″



HipShot for easy access to the content inside when in a rush. 20″L x 7″ H x 7″ depth of main pocket can hold most supplies. Two front pockets can hold smaller items such as compact cameras or tooth brushes, soaps, ID cards etc. Compression straps prevent the inner contents from joggling inside when not fully packed.

The gear neatly and comfortably wraps around waist secured with 1  1/2″ strong buckle.



BowCase for both Compund and Traditional (Bamboo) bows are available with us. They can be hand-carried or slung on the back with built-in shoulder straps.

Compound BowCase: Rs.2800.00
Traditional BowCase: Rs.1800.00

Camera Bag

A well padded Camera Bag for safety of all the parts. Two floating internal separators to cushion lenses and body separately. The bag can take 2 lenses on either sides with another lens mounted on the body in the middle.  Pockets to store Memory Cards, manuals, filters and caps.

Camera Bag
11”Lx8”Hx 7”B

Office Bag

This is an Office Bag that can be carried to everywhere else too. Two internal pockets and the main compartment make it a total of three organisers of different subject papers. Two roomy outer pockets can hold extras such as mobile phones, pens, keys, knives etc. Sized to fit any daily documents safely, the outer cover provides added rain cover over the heavy duty outer zipper closure. Shoulder Pad on the sling strap prevents the bag from slipping off while on active rush runs.